Planner: Jennifer J Events

Wow.  I cannot stress enough how AMAZING Jennifer Johnson and her staff are!  I have no idea what I would do without them!  Planning a Florida wedding with a reception at a home is soooo difficult from Long Island, but Jenn makes it so simple! She thinks of things weeks before I do, gets us insane deals with vendors, and finds ways to make whatever we want a reality, even with our budget.  She is also doing all of the florals for our wedding, which I'm so excited about.  She knows exactly what I'm picturing even before I tell her... I have no idea how she does it!  I could go on and on and on about her amazingness, so if you'd like to me to, email me :)

Photography: Gregory Paul Photography

I love Heidi and Gregory! They are such a great team :)  We just took our e-pics, and I'm sooo excited to see how they turn out.  Gregory does anything that he needs to get a good shot, even if that includes rolling in the sand and laying on concrete in the middle of a busy sidewalk.  He even drove all the way up to Jupiter from Fort Lauderdale at 6 in the morning because he was "inspired" and wanted to do another shoot at the beach the next day. 

E-pics update::::  omg i'm in love with them!! here's a few, but you can see more on his blog. 

Videography: Blueshore Productions

We love love loveeee his work. He's super laid back and our photographer loves working with him, so that's always a good sign.  We'll be getting a trailer too which I'm very excited about.

Caterer: Chez Gourmet

Amazing food and presentation! Michele, Jack, and the chef NeNe are all great and so creative!  We'll be having four stations for dinner, and they worked with us to make them exactly how I imagined them, even getting a recipe for a salad from a restaurant I'm obsessed with :)  I cannot wait for all of our guests to see and taste all of the great food!

Baker: Sugar Chef

I have a horrible reaction to dairy, so Bryan and I knew that we'd have to find an option for a cake that was dairy free, even if it was just a little cake that I would eat from.  However, after we tried the lactose free cake from Sugar Chef, we were sooo impressed and will be doing this for the whole cake.   I do lots of cooking and baking, all lactose-free, so I know that if you're good and experienced with lactose-free baking, no one else will notice the difference.... that's exactly how their cake was! We'll be going with the Cinnamon Rum cake with Rum filling.

Lighting & Some Rentals: Uplyte

Uplyte is wonderful! They have so many great options to choose from, and everything adds such a cool look to your reception.  We've been working with Jill, who is great. 

Furniture Rentals: Hitched

We haven't finalized any lounge furniture rentals with them yet, but this is who we'll be using.

Wedding Gown: J Del Olmo Bridal

Hmmm... a mixed review so far.  I got a gorgeous dress at a reasonable price.  Their new salon on Miracle Mile is sooo much prettier than their old one. They didn't call me to let me know that my dress was in.  I called, they said no, then called me back and said they had found it.  I let them know I'd also like to pick up my veil, and they said no problem.  It took them a while to locate my dress once I arrived (like 30 mins, I was starting to get scared lol).  Tried it on, they ordered the correct size but it was an inch or two too short (hopefully Reina will be able to fix that).  They handed me the veil, which was definitely not the one I ordered.  Mine has rhinestones on the edge of the chapel length veil and on the blusher...this one was a plain cathedral length one w/ no rhinestones.  Also, I had ordered an applique that was to be placed on the bottom back part of the dress.  When I mentioned these problems to the woman who was helping me, she said that they'd fix the issues.  She was super sweet and definitely was trying to help as much as she could.  Apparently they ordered the incorrect veil and never ordered the applique.  The woman helping me, Vivian, got my mom's address and promised to send the items to her as soon as they come in.  I have a feeling everything will be fine, but I'm definitely happy I'll be getting my alterations done with Reina and not at J Del Olmo, so they can't mess anything else up.