As a person who has worked in restaurants and adores cooking, food and drink are high priorities for me.  Presentation is the key for anything, so even if I provide simple food, I have to make sure that the presentation looks amazing.  I bartended during college, and love creating new drinks, so there will definitely be specialty cocktails along with our open bar. 

We will be having action stations for our dinner, which will be on the tented tennis court.  Chez Gourmet is our caterer, and we will be passed hors d'oeurves and 4 stations for dinner, which include a sushi station, a pasta station, a Cuban station, and a grill station.

We want a simple cake, maybe with a little bit of coral-design on it or with a few beachy accents, but nothing too overboard.  We'll be serving the cake with a gelato bar that will be either set up like a traditional one from Italy or Coldstone-style where the guests can choose mix-ins to add.  We're also having a cappucino and espresso bar, and all of these dessert stations will be set up underneath a gorgeous arch right by the pool.