Ok, so in the strange event you come to this page, DO NOT LOOK, BRYAN!!!!

I got my dress at J. Del Olmo on Miracle Mile.  I went down to Coral Gables with my mom and MOH on one of my trips down to Florida, and had a whirlwind day of trying on dresses.  I'm a person who knows what I like and don't like within like one second, so even though I tried on 30+ dresses, it worked for me.  For some people, I really wouldn't suggest trying on so many dresses in a 6 hour timespan, but for me, it worked.  I went to Allegria's Brides first, and loved Rachel, the consultant there.  They had lots of great dresses and great prices, and I found two that I really liked, but they just didn't feel like the one.  Then, we went to Priscilla of Boston, which is gorgeous!  They had lots of nice dresses as well, but the prices were well above what I wanted to spend (I'm the kind of girl who has gotten 5 uses out of each of my prom dresses, so I can't really jusify spending $5000 on a dress that I can only wear once, but that's just me).  I found an absolutely GORGEOUS dress that I was obsessed with!  The tears started flowing from my mom and MOH, but when I found out the price, I just could not justify it... I felt terrible having my parents pay that much for one item of clothing, and I'd rather put my share of the cost towards my mortgage, to be completely honest.  But ohhh, was it beautiful!

Somewhat depressed, my MOH saw J. Del Olmo across the street from POB, and said, "Let's just try it." I had a strange feeling as soon as I walked in that it'd be the place.  Service was terrible.  No one helped us even though there were consultants sitting there doing nothing, so my MOH, mom, and I sped through the racks and pulled dresses for me to try on.  No one spoke English, so I had to resort to my rudimentary knowledge of Spanish from middle school, but that kind of made it fun, looking back.  The consultant didn't offer to help me try on dresses, so my MOH and I squeezed into the barely walk-in closet sized dressing room to start trying on the dresses.  The first one I tried on was one that my MOH picked, and as soon as I walked out, my MOH and mom started sobbing.  They immediately said that this one was it, and I agreed with them.  It cinches in my stomach in a way I don't understand.  It has a built-in corset, so my dress will stay up even thoughout a whole night of dancing (saying that Bryan and I LOVE to dance is an understatement).  It has a simple applique right below the sweetheart top, and we're adding one to the back of the dress, too.  I love it!

I initially wanted a mantilla, but found that a chapel length veil (to the back of my dress) that has a gorgeous rhinestone border and looks great.  I'll also have a blusher for the ceremony.  Once the reception starts, that veil will be off and I'll be ready to dance, dance, dance.

The picture below shows me and my mom when I had the dress and veil on.